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Reflections                                                             Listen or buy
Music to Soothe and Uplift the Spirit
Celtic, Traditional, Renaissance & Medieval Melodies

Eileen Hadidian, Flute & Recorder
Maureen Brennan, Celtic harp
Natalie Cox, Celtic & Renaissance Harp
with Guest: Dan Reiter, Cello

Dolce Musica                                                        Listen or buy
A Contemplative Journey
Celtic, Renaissance & Medieval Melodies

Eileen Hadidian, Renaissance & Baroque Flute & Recorder
Natalie Cox, Renaissance & Celtic Harp

Garden of Healing                                             Listen or buy
Soothing Heart & Spirit
Music of the Celtic, American & World Traditions

Eileen Hadidian, Recorder & Baroque Flute
Patrice Haan, Celtic Harp & Voice
Maureen Brennan, Celtic Harp
Natalie Cox, Celtic Harp