Celebrating 25 years of healing music


Because music heals.

Healing Muses provides live therapeutic harp music for hospitals, medical centers, and hospice care throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

“I'm a Stage One breast cancer patient undergoing targeted cancer infusions. Believe me, the soothing quality of the harp music really makes a difference….Any softness & kindness & lightness that can touch a person at this time is immensely appreciated. The quality of harp music is especially calming & brings joy. Thank you for the Healing Muses program.”  -S.M.D., Oakland, CA

My mom was in distress and we thought she was very close to death. We were so upset. Then you came. The nurse said my mother's blood pressure dropped back into the calm zone while you played the harp. I wish you could stay longer.

-Patient's daughter, ICU, Kaiser San Francisco

“...music-based interventions can modulate cerebral blood flow, reduce pre-operative anxiety and post-operative stress, improve surgery outcomes, and lower cortisol levels.”

-Scientific American

Since 1999, Healing Muses' fully-vetted team of professional musicians has played thousands of hours of live harp music for hundreds of patients, family members, and staff at major healing centers in the San Francisco Bay Area, including:

Our soothing harp music creates a calming environment that reinforces healing for patients and significantly reduces stress for visitors and staff.